Meet Our Team

Sabrina Davis

General Manager

Sabrina has tried her dexterous hands at pharmacology research, bartending, secondary education, and recovering from hip surgery before settling into managing for the Big Fish Restaurant Group. Although her Aquarius sun may say she’s a dreamer, she’s not and she’s keeping her head far from the clouds at 50 Wilmington Ave.

Beyond scrutinizing napkin folds, performing diligent quality checks on EVERY dessert offering, and reserving reservations, Sabrina has only one, singular interest: her son, Loki. An exuberant Aries with the heart of a Hufflepuff, Loki is the perfect foil to Sabrina’s levity and aloofness.


Chelsea Webster

Assistant GM

Chelsea is back to her hometown of Fenwick, DE after a short-lived city-life exploration of Philadelphia, PA. After managing at the Big Fish Riverfront location she transferred to Salt Air to continue growing her career while staying close to family. Her love for fine foods, beautiful interior design, and a family-feel work environment has led her to find a perfect fit on the avenue with Salt Air. When not regrettably wearing white to work, eating salmon, or conversing with our incredible guests, Chelsea enjoys any moment spent on the beach, in the gym, or at home with her nieces.

Pete Farley

Head Chef

Pete Farley, not originally from Delaware has been working in the Rehoboth Beach area for about 10 years. He started working in chain restaurants, never quite finding a spot that he truly enjoyed, but he always knew he loved to cook. Years into his career in the restaurant industry, Pete found Pig + Fish and soon went on an uphill swing and found a real passion for cooking. When Pete’s not working, he enjoys traveling, eating different cuisine, playing his bass guitar, and relaxing with his new puppy Kona. “I’m glad my journey has brought me to Salt Air, and look forward to a bright future here!”


Erick Shunico

Sous Chef

Originally born in El Salvador, Erick has lived in the United States for 10 years and has been working with the Big Fish Restaurant Group for 7 years. Erick started out washing dishes, then earned the opportunity to learn cooking on the line, starting with the fryer, then working through every station at various BFRG locations. He has now reached the sous chef station and is excited to keep growing and learning with the team!